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Walnut Excellence

Walnut Excellence Education (WEE) Brain Development Programs,acts as a Brain Food For Our Students by Providing them the World class Arithmetic Education through Abacus Education & Vedic Maths




WEE Vedic Maths

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian mathematics which was…Read More


WEE Abacus

The abacus also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool used for performing arithmetic…Read More


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WEE Franchise

WEE Programs are specialize in after school program for The Complete Brain Development Program.WEE Programs are based on Play way …Read More

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Parent’s Testimonials

  • Vedic Maths has made my son smart in maths. First he use to run away from calculation, but now he has become lot more confident and does the calculations quickly. As a parent, I am satisfied with his performance. He does very well and secures good grades, I recommend everyone to learn “Vedic Maths” and have fun with it.

    Deepa Ochani parent of Neeraj Ochani (Std 7th)
  • Abacus education has made my son’s calculation very fast, he can solve any type of sums within few seconds, he was good in maths but with abacus play way technique he has become better, quicker & accurate. I am very happy with his overall performance & I think all children should join “Abacus” for Brain Development & progress.

    Jigna Upadhyay parent of Rishi Upadhyay (Std 3rd)

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